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From the replacement and repair to the installation of aluminum windows, Scarborough residents can depend on our company. Aluminum is widely used in our industry due to its great qualities. It’s strong, beautiful, resistant, and durable. Exactly what everybody needs for windows, right? For any type of window, sliding, hopper, double-hung, casement, and other styles.

An aluminum window is an excellent choice for any location. All the same, the way the aluminum windows installation is done, the way any service is carried out, and the window itself all define the window’s performance and longevity. But with Scarborough Windows & Doors Service, you shouldn’t worry about a thing. Not only do we stand here ready to serve all needs but can also assure you of our expertise in aluminum windows.

In Scarborough, aluminum windows & installation

Aluminum Windows Scarborough

If it’s time to consider your new installation needs and accordingly get aluminum windows, Scarborough’s most experienced company is at your service. Is this a new home? Are you in the process of remodeling your house and want to replace all windows? Whatever your case may be, contact us. If you want to get aluminum windows, we will be happy to provide matching solutions. Should we first send a pro to offer an estimate and the required consultation? It’s free and there’s no obligation.

The process is similar if you want to replace one or more aluminum windows. Scarborough pros first come out to understand your window needs and offer both an estimate and consultation.

In either case, we suggest glazing choices to meet your thermal efficiency requirements. We provide aluminum window options in terms of type, size, and design to suit your specific needs. Should we talk about your window requirements?

Aluminum windows are correctly installed & replaced

Apart from getting exactly what fits, you also enjoy the results of flawless service by experienced aluminum windows installers. Awning or hopper, sliding or casement, aluminum windows are properly installed. They are set up according to the local building codes and all regulations. The pros take into account the window’s aluminum frame and all other characteristics to ensure seamless installation. That’s the value of working with a team with expertise in aluminum windows.  

Book any needed aluminum window repair service

By all means, do feel free to contact us for aluminum window repair and services too. Not only do we send pros to replace old and damaged aluminum windows but also fix their problems. Got condensation? Is the glass broken? Is one of your windows not locking? Whatever the problem with aluminum windows, Scarborough techs respond quickly and accurately fix it. Tell us what you need.