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Master Key Lock System

We are the company to contact if you are interested in a master key lock system for Scarborough Ontario businesses or residential buildings. Local locksmiths – true experts in all key and lock services – come out to either expand or create such systems. All locksmiths partnering with Scarborough Windows & Doors Service have the expertise to set up all designs – however demanding or simple – and thus, serve growing environments.

Scarborough master key lock system experts – options for all needs

Master Key Lock System Scarborough

A Scarborough master key lock system is usually complex since the goal is to meet the home’s or business’s current security needs while controlling access. They are keying solutions that enable you to operate as many locks as you want with one key. Various locks can be rekeyed to work with one master key – deadbolts, cabinet locks, cylinder locks, and padlocks. You say which locks must be keyed alike to work with one key.

Many homeowners often seek simple keyed-alike solutions. That’s to have one key for a few locks in the house. An apartment building master key system is often a bit more complex since the tenants keep their own front door keys but the super may have a master key opening all – or most – doors for maintenance purposes.

An office master key system is usually even more complex. That’s because the access control and security needs in a working environment are often more demanding and are ever-changing. Locksmiths can set up systems with several sub-master keys that will operate certain locks that will also work with another master key and all locks could be operated by a grand master key.  

By turning to our company, you can get the exact design of the needed master key lock system and it will be set up as quickly as it’s important to you.  

Expert locksmiths set up master key business or residential systems

The benefits of master key lock systems are plenty. There are fewer keys in circulation. And so, less chances of the keys getting lost or stolen. And since access is better controlled, security increases. The system is customized to your particular needs and can be expandable so that it will be modified along with the changes in your business’s or home’s security requirements. You decide what user has access to what lock and this can change too. It’s a cost-effective solution that will remove a few headaches and make life easier and safer.

Make sure the job is done correctly by turning to us. We appoint experienced locksmiths to create or expand these systems based on one’s needs. If you are ready to talk about your personal needs and a master key lock system, Scarborough experts are at your service. Message our team.